Cut                                      price/lb     

     Bone-in leg roast (whole)       15.00

     Boneless leg (whole)                  16.00

     Lamb cubes (for kebabs)          16.00

     Shanks                                                   9.00

     Lamb spareribs                              10.00

     Lamb breast (boneless)            12.00

     Lamb shoulder (bone-in)         14.00

     Lamb shoulder (boneless)       15.00

     Lamb shoulder chops                 14.00

     Lamb stew meat                            15.00

     Lamb kabobs                                   15.00

     Ground lamb                                    14.00

     Rack of lamb (Frenched)           23.00

     Rib chops                                            22.00

     Loin chops                                          21.00

     Organ meat (liver,

              tongue)                                         4.00

     Soup bones                                          2.00

We will occasionally have limited stocks of mutton (especially as stew meat; ground “lamb”, but also as whole shoulders or shanks). Unlike our regular lamb, our mutton is not grassfed (adult sheep receive grain as a supplement during breeding season, and ewes receive grain as a supplement late in pregnancy/while nursing lambs), and the price is discounted accordingly. Try it; it’s not as tender as lamb, so you may want to select your cooking method accordingly, but it is very flavorful! Mutton is becoming very trendy at high-end restaurants. Send us an email if you’re interested in trying some.