(As of Jan. 1, 2024)

A price list for our currently-available retail cuts is available here. All cuts are from a USDA-inspected processing facility in Gettysburg, PA, owned and run by a farmer who himself raises pastured lamb, pork, and poultry – a veritable “farm-to-table” effort. If you don’t see what you’d like, contact us, and we can see if we can obtain what you’d like with our next lamb order!

If you do have freezer space for a whole or a half lamb, consider ordering it that way rather than buying by the individual cut. At $8/lb hanging weight (not including processing costs), you’ll save over buying by the piece!

We will occasionally have limited stocks of mutton (especially as sausage, stew meat, ground “lamb”, and shanks), typically in late summer. Unlike our regular lamb, our mutton is not 100% grassfed (adult sheep receive grain as a supplement during breeding season, and ewes receive grain as a supplement late in pregnancy/while nursing lambs), and the price is, therefore, discounted. Try it; it’s not as tender as lamb, so you may want to select your cooking method accordingly, but it is very flavorful! Mutton is becoming very trendy at high-end restaurants. Contact us if you’re interested in trying some.