Lamb: “Are you feeding your lambs sugar cubes or something to that effect?  Because they’re delicious.  I had my first  piece tonight – the tenderloin.  Simply put it on the grill next to the king salmon we were making for dinner.  No salt, pepper, spices, no nothing of anything, just laid that tenderloin on the grill at 350 degrees till it was done and it was delicious as could be.  Can’t wait to eat the rest of it all up.  Tender, tasty, what else could you ask for.” – Avi Friedman, proprietor, Friedman Family Fisheries (a GREAT local source for wild-caught Alaskan salmon!)

FleecesPerendale fleece arrived this morning! It’s beautiful just as is – no further skirting needed in my opinion. Thanks SO much for rushing this along. A BEAUTIFUL fleece! And I love the color!  – John G. Crane, West Hartford, VT