Each breed of chicken lays a specific color of eggs: blue from our Ameraucanas, light brown from our sexlinks, dark brown from our Welsummers, and olive green from our Ameraucana x Welsummer crosses.

Please let us know whether you prefer chocolate brown eggs, blue-green eggs, olive-green eggs, or a mixture. Eggs are priced according to the weight of each dozen: $3 per dozen for “small” eggs (as available; laid by immature hens), $4 per dozen for “medium” eggs, and $5 per dozen for “large” and “extra large” eggs. Not all eggs will be uniform in size; a dozen “medium” eggs may contain some “small” eggs and some “large” eggs. Most of our eggs are snapped up by our current customers, but we’d be happy to add you to our customer list.

Note that our chickens have considerably more space available to them than most commercial “pasture raised” eggs. The carton on the Wegmans eggs doesn’t specify how much space the hens have. Ours roam over many acres