We will update this page as pelts are sold. Prices reflect (1) size and (2) quality. Note that we are charged more by the tannery as size of pelts increases and for pelts with long staples. Pelts with holes the size of a quarter or larger are discounted (none this year); pelts with significant yellowing around the margins are discounted. They all still make great chair warmers! We ask a premium for white pelts with little if any yellowing and long staples. We also charge slightly more for natural colored (NC, aka “black”) pelts; these tend to show the dirt less.

Unless otherwise noted, most of this year’s pelts have fleece staple lengths averaging around 3″ (somewhat longer in places). Note that the floor tiles are 1′ x 1′.

Pelt 1. Somewhat yellowed around edges; size is approximately 45 x 26″. This is the largest of the 2024 lamb pelts. Asking $275.
Pelt 1 backside
SOLD. Pelt 2. Somewhat yellowed around edges; size is approximately 42 x 24″. Asking $240.
Pelt 2 backside
Pelt 3. Somewhat yellowed around edges; size is approximately 39 x 27″. Asking $260.
Pelt 3 backside
SOLD Pelt 4. This is the smallest of our 2024 pelts, measuring approximately 32 x 24 inches – still large enough to make a good chair warmer. It is moderately yellowed around the edges. Asking $160.
Pelt 4 backside
SOLD. Pelt 5. This is the very nicest of this year’s pelts (indeed, one of the nicest we’ve had). Very little yellowing, brighter white than the other white pelts, with a longer staple length (4-5″), approximately 40 x 26″ in size. This pelt is really too nice to serve as a chair warmer, and would make a lovely floor rug. Asking $350.
Pelt 5 backside
Pelt 6, the most uniform in color (dark brown) of the naturally colored (NC) pelts, approximately 39 x 25″. Asking $300.
Pelt 6 backside
Pelt 7, approx 37 x 24″. The graying spot seen on the left is a natural part of the color of this pelt. Asking $300.
Pelt 7 backside
Pelt 8, approx 39 x 24″. The “silvering” along the back of this pelt reflects the natural lightening of color that comes with maturity. Asking $300.
Pelt 9, approx 38 x 26″. This pelt is starting to show some of the natural “silvering” along the front and the rear that occurs with maturity. Asking $300.
Pelt 9 backside