Do you live in the city, where roosters are banned, but you’d still like to own a few hens, partly as pets for your children, partly for the eggs they’d lay? (Note that roosters are not required in order for hens to lay eggs). Want to obtain your chicks as young as possible, so that they’ll imprint on humans, making better pets? Your options include ordering chicks from a hatchery (to be shipped through the mail, with some resultant stress and extra expense), or buying them from a local feed mill or farm store (most or all of which are derived from hatcheries, and are also sent through the mail). In either case, you may be taking a bit of a gamble on gender. Some “hybrid” breeds of chicken (“sex-linked”) that you might order from a hatchery can reliably be sexed at hatching, but many breeds of “heritage” chickens are difficult to accurately sex at hatching. As most cities have zoning laws that prohibit possession of roosters, you might find yourself at risk of having a child’s pet “hen” turn (on maturity) into a rooster that they are not allowed to keep. Our Welsummer chickens are one of the few breeds of non-hybrid chickens that can reliably be sexed at hatching. Female chicks have a distinct “eye liner” stripe that makes them look like Egyptian princesses, while male chicks have a much thinner stripe that terminates just past their eyes, at their ears. We sell female (pullet) Welsummer chicks at $10 each; male (cockerel) chicks, should you wish such, are available at $5 each. Cross-bred (Ameraucana/Welsummer chicks) are available at $7.50 each, but only on a “straight run” basis (meaning, “as hatched”; we cannot guarantee gender).

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Female Welsummer chick (center), flanked by male Welsummer chicks. Note distinct “eye liner” on female chick.

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Male Welsummer chick. Note less distinct “eye liner” that terminates at ear.